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Michelle's Bio

Michelle Blount has been a professional dog trainer for over 25 years; however, her love and interest in dog behavior can be tracked back much further. She was always involved with animals but her serious behavior interest started at age 13 when she volunteered at an animal shelter. That experience taught her that most dogs are turned into animal shelters, and ultimately euthanized, due to behavior problems.  Michelle decided to dedicate her life to dog behavior in order to give these wonderful dogs a second chance.  She continues to support rescue efforts on a consistent basis. 

Over the last 25 years there have been great advances in our understanding of canine behavior and training; Michelle had kept up with such advances through seminars, video, dog training literature, and discussions with other trainers. She is heavily influenced by Patricia McConnell, Gary Wilkes, Sheila Booth, William Campbell, and a variety of excellent trainers she has met over the years. She is also influenced by her more recent work with horses and natural horsemanship. Her application of the same basics of leadership combined with motivational teaching works as well for horses as it does for dogs. She considers her program a sort of natural dogmanship method. She believes the key to a good trainer is not focused on how they correct but in how they teach  .Leadership, motivation, firmness, fairness, kindness and consistency produce a happy, well adjusted animal that is eager to work.

 Michelle has recently moved to Crossville, TN and owns  German Shepherds, a variety of rescue dogs, as well as horses, mule, and other farm animals.  She has successfully shown in conformation and obedience trials as well as trained/Worked a certified working SAR dog(now passed). She also has trained in schutzhund, agility and herding and has trained many service dogs.  To see her dogs and their accomplishments visit Cedar Crest Farms



My Training Philosophy

I believe the emphasis in training for the handler should be on educating them on canine behavior, as without a solid understanding of how dogs think(and how they don't think) how do we expect to teach them anything???  Most behavioral problems develop simply because the owner doesn't understand dog behavior and therefore is incapable of setting proper leadership within the pack. 

I believe the emphasis on dog training is teaching a behavior in a positive way and balancing that with proper structure and limits. Motivation is the key to getting a dog to learn. Structure and leadership are the keys to getting a dog to perform consistently.  I find once you get basic structure and you teach effectively, then you don't have to correct frequently. 

The Pawsitive program is the combination of teaching the human dog behavior and training the dog through a combination of motivation and necessary structure that dogs naturally understand and need. After owning horses the last decade I often describe it as a natural dogmanship type of training.  My goal is to create trustworthy and responsive companions who can perform in real life situations and are pleasant additions to the family.


Lesson details and cost

Pawsitive Program basics

  • Consistently (even when distracted) walking on a loose leash
  • sit
  • down stay(20-30 minute)
  • come
  • accepting/enjoying handling/restraint
  • housebreaking
  • preventing food aggression
  • increasing stress tolerance and preventing separation anxiety
  • teaching space respect (addressing jumping, front door behavior, etc) 
  • how to prevent/address behavior problems

 Currently Available

Private In-Home lessons $500 

6 in-home lessons focused on the basic program and tailored to fit your individual home and needs.


 Board and Train program $1250

Available on a limited basis

Your dog stays 3-4 weeks with me in training and owner receives 3 private lessons with their trained dog. 

Coming soon...

Puppy/Basic/Clicker group classes 

8 weeks $125