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After our first class (without dogs), it was very clear that we were going to be receiving from her the benefit of years of experience with any and every breed, and their various personalities and quirks. Very quickly, we were able to stop our pup from pulling us like a sled dog on her leash. We were able to apply Michelle's methods of teaching, including rewarding good behavior and discouraging bad behavior, all without having to raise our hands, or even our voices. Her small class sizes also meant a lot of personal time for our pup, and we were able to ask questions and not feel stupid or out of place.

Erik and Debbie Kugler 


Olmsted Twp, OH.


OH.I can't begin to thank you enough for last night. The insight you provided in so many areas was unbelievable. I walked away with more information in the two plus hours I was there then the other training classes his first year, as well as the big bucks I paid to have the vet/behaviorist to make a home visit a year ago. She also recommended Prozac, which he was on for a year, because he was so off the wall. I get upset just thinking about it. You depend on the "experts" because they are just that. Sooooo much damage has been done, but I am committed to working with him to see improvement. I guess I was really encouraged knowing your dog has so many of the same traits as Max and what I saw last night with him was awesome.... Since finishing class, I have become more informed about dog behaviour and psychology, more than I ever knew in 35 years of owning dogs.

Cindy A. Cegledi & Max

Cleveland, OH


 Michelle doesn't  just tell us what to do, she explains in "people" terms why she is teaching us the ways she does. Because of this, you understand the reasoning behind her method of teaching. Along with the "basics" she goes over any issues that will help make your dog a better canine companion. It's about having an all around well behaved dog. I have learned more from Michelle than I have from any other trainer/behaviorist that I have been to. She doesn't just teach us what to do, she explains why she is teaching us the way she does. Because of this, you understand the reasoning behind her method of teaching and it makes it easier to put these practices to use. I don't just learn to do what is asked of me, I learn why it's asked of me. She is training us to train our dogs. If we don't understand what she is teaching, then chances are we won't stick with it, but it is all so clear when she explains it. She is a trainer who truly cares about making the dog/human bond an enjoyable and lasting one. This shows in everything she does. When the session ends, her guidance does not. She has an internet group that clients are encouraged to join. This group is available to her clients whenever they have a question or need help even if its a year down the road. Since meeting Michelle, my interaction with dogs will never be the same and it will be very, very hard to find another trainer to take her place.

Natalie Trimpey Cleveland, OH


Michelle Blount is quite professional in her field. The use of positive reinforcement is another reason I chose her as our trainer. She is knowledgeable, experienced, motivates clients to achieve, generous with her time and patient with members. Ebbie and I highly recommend Michelle Blount to anyone wishing to have a polite, happy, social and well-adjusted dog.Mary Lou Cole  North Ridgeville, OH


I simply can not say enough about Michelle Blounts skill as a trainer. Three and one- half years ago we adopted a puppy named Abby from a private rescue operation and were overwhelmed by the associated behavioral issues that our new family member brought home...Michelles advice was always sound and she took a genuine interest in improving Abbys confidence and social skills. Abby has grown into a well behaved dog and I credit Michelle's wisdom and guidance for this achievement. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone who needs help with their dog.

Mark & Abby 

Westlake, OH


We want to thank you for all that you have done to make our life with Guinness so enjoyable. He would not be the dog he is, and we would not be the owners we are, without your training ability. Using your training techniques, Guinness became an attentive, obedient, yet playful, and loving dog. Without hesitation, we would recommend your services to any dog owner.When we started training classes with you, it was amazing to watch how the animals respond to your handling. From little puppies, to full size large dogs, there seems to be a special relationship that most of the dogs have with you. You are able to teach them basic commands, as well as clicker train them on even more complex tricks, sometimes with only sign language and without even talking to the dog.

Tony, Collen and Guiness 

North Ridgeville, OH


The basic classes were invaluable in terms of learning how to use behavior training with the puppies. Michelle watched us with our puppies and gave very specific (and patient) feedback about how to progress. Then I took the clicker class and I am still using the clicker to teach Chewbacca new tricks at home/outside. With the bulletin board and the books she recommended I am continuing to learn new things on a weekly basis (as well as remember things that take longer to sink in!!!).

Kathy Whitford and Chewie